Giant Tennis Ball for SERIOUS Tennis Ball Lovers

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Does your dog love tennis balls? I mean really LOVE tennis balls? Then roll out this giant Tennis Ball and get ready for days of endless fun.

Quick story. Our dog Molly Brown LOVED tennis balls. Had a tennis ball detector that was unmatched in all of dogdom. She hunted the little things for sport.

So imagine how happy she was when one Christmas morning she awoke to find a strangely wrapped spherical present, bigger than her head, that SMELLED likes something very familiar. That’s right. The “Unsinkable” Molly brown lost her mind.

Best Christmas Ever.

Sure regular tennis balls are fun. But this green felt covered globoid behemoth turns your dog,  cat, or miniature pig (see videos below) into a big game hunter (see what we did there?)

No kidding.

You can thank us later.

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